From all of us at SSN we want to say a massive thank you to our sponsors. If you’re looking for fresh ski apparel or even planning a ski holiday then look no further. Members of SSN will receive discount codes which will be posted in the Facebook group chat throughout the year. Here are our 2020/21 sponsors…



It’s all about having fun and riding with your bros!

Founded by two shred-loving brothers from the UK – bro! produce an awesome range of soft & technical goods for all your action sports needs.  

Check out their rad products at 


Keep it fun!


AfterJam skiwear is the birth-child of two individuals who share a common passion for snow sports. Having met a few years ago in Val Thorens, France they have been on some very silly adventures and now produce some sick mountain apparel, check them out!



An enormous thank you to Wasteland for making our trips possible year upon year – they’re branded as the creators of the best university winter sports trips. Check them out if your planning on taking a few pals to the mountains. 


Kenting Clothing

Kenting is a Snow, Surf and Skate brand aiming to provide understated, affordable and sustainable clothing!

Check them out at kentingclothing.com/


Use the SSN referral code for a 10% discount on any fresh purchase: 


Check them out at douchebags.mention-me.com


Makers of a dangerously refreshing beer called demi-peche with the refreshment of a fruit cider and the sessionability of a crisp lager, at a sociable 4% ABV.

Check them out at jubelbeer.com


Accelerating the transition to a carbon neutral society…

You make changes 

Others influence others 

Companies be sustainable 

Money invest responsibly 

Check them out at protectourwinters.uk/

Piste Bear

We are a British ski and lifestyle company born out of our intoxicating passion for sking and snowboarding. Our aim is to build a community of snow lovers around the world and give back to people who make snowsports so amazing 

Check them out at pistebear.com/

Island Scoop

A homemade ice cream stop at the heart of Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos Islands, serving great coffee, hotdogs and smoothies! Island Scoop

Pub Head


An amazing charity that raises awareness for testicular cancer and creates amazing underwear. Oddballs supply underwear to England rugby and hopefully us by the end of the year! myoddballs.com/